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Refresh Spin

Refresh Health are now launching Refresh Spin. With plenty of classes available everyday at different times you will always find time for a physical, emotional and mental challenge. Get ready to sweat.

Why should you do spinning?
When it comes to the list of health benefits of spinning, you can quickly obtain from one ride on a spin bike the list goes on and on. Spinning is great if you are in need of a challenging workout, innovative equipment, motivation of a group exercise class or simply a fun and positive experience.

Top Ten Benefits of Spinning
1) Improve Cardiovascular fitness for a healthier heart
2) Increase weekly activity and burn calories
3) Increase happy hormones… Just wait to feel the rush of feel good endorphins
4) Go at your own pace
5) Join a community that feels like a team
6) Increase your workout tolerance
7) Low impact exercise
8) Build muscular definition and tone up
9) Build core strength
10) Relieve stress, enhance your mental strength and develop a can-do mind-set

Why Refresh?

  • Over 20 classes
  • 4 instructors
  • Themed Spin classes
  • Dedicated Spin room
The warm up and cool down are great ways to relax, before and after putting your body through a strenuous spin class, you can close your eyes, work just a little, and allow the exertion to release any tension while focusing on your breathing.

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