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What is Reformer Pilates?

Pilates on a machine! The reformer machine (also known as a reformer bed) allows for an almost unlimited range of exercises, which help to develop all over body strength and definition. The great thing about this fantastic piece of equipment is that it can be used to add an extra challenge to exercises or to enhance your flexibility and mobility.

You can lie, sit, kneel or even stand on the bed. There is a sliding platform, also known as a carriage, which is connected to the frame by a series of springs that can be adjusted to provide different levels of resistance. On a reformer bed you will find an adjustable headrest, suspension training loops, a foot bar and 5 springs differing in levels of resistance. When practising Reformer Pilates we also make use of a Pilates ring, block, ball and resistance bands – there is almost no limit to what you can do in a Reformer Pilates class!

Is it right for me?
A base level of fitness is required, along with some knowledge of how to engage your core – but do not worry, we are here to help you! Pilates is about control and strength, so we spend time on developing and improving your posture and technique. We always offer alternative exercises in every session to cater for those wishing to change the intensity at any point.

What will it be like?
A great vibe, wicked tunes, and loads of fun! The warm up focuses on breathing to activate the core. Classes are free-flowing and designed for you to work until fatigue. We will challenge your spine to work in all of its planes of movement, as well as mobilising important areas, such as your hips and ankles. You will leave with an all over body burn along with stronger, lengthened and leaner muscles.

What are the results and benefits of Reformer Pilates?
You will notice a significant improvement in your core and flexibility. As Reformer Pilates works with resistance, you will see a difference in your overall strength – there really is not one muscle that is not engaged in a Reformer Pilates class! Your posture will improve; you will become leaner and more toned. The exercises and workouts at Refresh are designed to ensure you see and feel progress; we build recovery and mobility into every segment of a workout.

Flex or Dynamic Pilates?

Flex Pilates
Flex is great if you are new to exercise, suffer from back pain, are injured, or simply feel the need to stretch and mobilise the body. Learn how to activate those deep inner core muscles, also known as ‘the powerhouse muscles’ and you will receive the support and guidance you need to ensure a safe and effective workout. Exercises will be slow and controlled in a relaxed environment. Flex is an exercise routine accompanied with clear and simple instructions, with a focus on Joseph Pilates’s primary breathing techniques.

Flex is by far the best remedy to reduce back pain and recover from injury. If you want to lengthen your muscles and work on recovery, Flex is also a great workout on a rest day! Let your muscles heal and enjoy the tranquillity of these classes.

Dynamic Pilates
Our Dynamic classes are not for the faint hearted: come along to work every muscle group under time and tension, where we will challenge your bodies to perform at their best. Expect a range of full body movements working an entire range of motion, to pulsing, holding and breathing through the pain. All movements flow into one another and by focusing on your breathing, the words of the instructor and trusting your body, you will feel stronger at the end of each session.

Dynamic Pilates requires a good level of strength and understanding of core engagement and our instructors are very welcoming, helpful and genuinely want you to make the most of each class – they will help you with everything, from breathing to balancing the carriage when squat pulsing!

Who is Reformer Pilates for?

Pilates is for all: whether you run, swim, lift, dance or play a sport, Pilates is the ideal primary source of fitness to support and strengthen your performance in any exercise. Why? Because it engages and trains your deep core muscles which are fundamental to any exercise form. Men and women of all ages will benefit from Pilates exercises, because they ensure our muscles and joints move in the ways they are designed to. Pilates leaves you feeling energised, focused and calm, hence it complements all forms of exercise, whilst being a fabulous source of strength in itself.

At Refresh Health Club, we will ensure you experience an intense and highly effective workout, tailored to suit you. Whether you attend a private or group session, your workout will be yours and we are on hand to ensure you push your body to fatigue and in turn, progress. Our private sessions come with consultations, short and long term goals where you are guaranteed to see a difference. Our group sessions will make you feel confident, comfortable and by following our guidance, tips and advice, you will start to notice a difference in just a few sessions. We cannot wait for you to experience Refresh Health Club and Bar with us.