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Refresh Café is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm.


We carefully have tasted different blends of coffee beans from around the world and chosen only the best. We have put so much attention into selecting our suppliers so all you need to do is to enjoy the difference. Our artisan House coffee blend is hand roasted is small batches and is Great Taste 2017 award winner. It’s a blend of Brazil, Peru and Sumatra: A smooth texture with rich chocolate and nutty notes and a pleasant fruity aftertaste.

Hot Chocolate

It is a good idea to think of your PC as an office. It stores files, programs, pictures. This can be compared to an actual office’s files, machines and decorations. The operating system is the boss. With this image in mind, think of an office you’ve visited that was slow and inefficient.


Our smoothies are made of freshly blended fruits characterised by their colours.

Detoxifying Green smoothie

Energizing Red smoothie

Nourishing Yellow smoothie

And soothing White smoothie