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Refresh Café is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm.


We have carefully tasted different coffee bean blends from around the world and have chosen only the best. We pay so much attention to selecting our suppliers so all you need to do is to enjoy the difference. Great Taste 2017 award winner, our artisan house coffee blend is hand roasted in small batches. It’s a blend of Brazil, Peru and Sumatra; smooth in texture with rich chocolate and nutty notes with a pleasant fruity aftertaste.

Hot Chocolate

We are proud to serve you Great Taste 2017 award winner hot chocolates. Selected by origins, you choose your favourite. Our hot chocolates come in solid tablets and get melted into the milk of your choice - simple as that! The most pleasurable experiences in life are the simplest ones; just like our hot chocolates.


Our smoothies are made from freshly blended fruits characterised by colour.

Detoxifying Green smoothie

Energising Red smoothie

Nourishing Yellow smoothie

Soothing White smoothie